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Molise is a small and uncontaminated region situated in the middle of Italy. This little area stretches from mountains covered with snow to the seaside, crossing fertile hills.

The low density of population and the poor industrialization allowed the total protection of the natural environment; woods of oaks spread out along the hills, whereas forests of Turkey oaks, beeches, pines and firs characterize the mountains.

Even the wildlife is richer than in the rest of Italy, thanks to the protection offered by Abruzzo National Park, which includes Molise as well.

Agriculture and breeding are the main economic resources of the region, famous for the excellence of its products: the hills offer wheat, spelt and legumes and wines and oils qualified as “d.o.p.” (protected origin); breeding, instead, allow to get delicious meats and famous cheeses.

Alto Molise is rich in mushrooms and truffles, precious protagonist of the local gastronomy. Molisan woods are ideal for truffles, considered as an environmental index, given that for its optimal growth it doesn’t tolerate any kind of pollution.

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