The truffle

What is the truffle

is a hypogean mushroom (living underground) with a complex structure made of a large, close, branched net of white filaments, called hyphae.
The truffle consists of a pulpy body called gleba, covered with a kind of cortex, peridium. The characteristics of the structure and its colour allow as to easily distinguish the different kinds of truffle.
The truffle is made of water, fibres and mineral salts but also of organic substances received from the tree with which they live in symbiosis, that influence their colour, taste and smell; for example, truffles close to oaks have a more aromatic smell, whereas those close to lindens and poplars are lighter and garlic-smelling.
The most appreciated and known kinds, in order of importance, are:

Tuber magnatum Pico known as ‘white truffle

Tuber melanosporum Vittadini known as ‘precious black truffle

Tuber uncinatum known as ‘uncinato truffle

Tuber aestivum Vittadini known as ‘scorzone truffle

Tuber borchii Vittadini known as ‘bianchetto truffle

How to taste the truffle

Whereas in botany there are only a few differences between white
truffles and black truffles, in cookery they have different
applications: black truffle should be cooked in order to spreade its aroma to other food, white truffle, instead, should be eaten uncooked and
used for seasoning cooked or rare food.
Fresh truffles have to be washed with cold water and with a small brush.
It would be better not to grate it with a normal grater but with a
special one, able to cut different sizes of slices depending on the

How to keep the truffle

We suggest to use truffles as soon as possible in order to best appreciate its aroma. For keeping it at best for a few days, it is advisable to follow some essential precautions:

 keep it in the fridge (+2 °/ +6°) and away from the light
wrap it in a cloth or in paper without removing the earth which covers it
if wrapped in paper, this has to be light and absorbent and it has to be changed everyday keep truffles separated keep it in a jar to avoide that food close by absorb its smell
if truffles become soft, it has to be used because it has reached the end of maturation.