Our products

“Le Ife” products were born in order to put on the market

  • selected fresh truffles
  • fresh truffles preserved to have the precious “tuber” even out of season
  • frozen fresh black truffles
  • products with truffles, packed exclusively in our laboratory, where they are combined with other local excellence
  • braised meats without truffle
  • truffle flour
  • polenta with truffle and rice with truffle

Through a rigorous gastronomic research, we create a series of products which mix truffles with game (wild boar, roe deer and hare) and with mushrooms.
Besides truffle is utilized for aromatizing

  • extra virgin olive oil used for improving many dishes
  • honey, which exalts the taste of local cheeses, in particular sheep’s milk cheese (“pecorino”) and goat’s milk cheese (“caprino”)
  • local butter, produced by an ancient cheese tradition still present in Molise, which aromatized with white truffles become the ideal basis of any dish, such as simple “bruschette” or refind first and second courses
  • flour, for exalting any gastronomic creation from the kneading on
  • polenta and rice, made better if accompanied with our mushrooms

Our products are simple to use, can enrich any kind of pasta, eggs and meat, and can be utilized for bruschette and other food.
Our production grants freshness and quality to our products, starting from a careful research and selection of raw materials in order to get the maximum exaltation of taste and genuineness of our products.